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Home Insurance Claim... Loss Assessment

Home Insurance Claim... Loss Assessment

Leaks & Water Damage!! Fire Damage!! Storm Damage!! Break in!! Accidental Damage!! Roof Damage!! Has this happened to your home?

Property Repairs

Have you had a leak causing water damage to a ceiling or wooden floor? Smoke damage due to a fire in your house? Have you had a break-in in your business causing damage to the premises? Storm damage to your roof? or do you just need home repairs carried out?

Moore Building & Mechanical Services can take care of all of these problems for you and also carry out all your home repairs.

Our Promise

Moore Building & Mechanical Services will handle every aspect of your claim from the initial assessment to complete repair. You may not have to pay any costs when you use Moore Building & Mechanical Services as your all in one assessment, claim and repairs service provider. We deal with your insurance company so you don't have to.

The purpose of Moore Building & Mechanical Services is to make the whole claim process as simple as possible for you. We take away the hassle and paperwork, negotiate the settlement and carry out the repairs to your home or business as well. Some of the benefits of using Moore Building & Mechanical Services are:

Need a report for an Insurance claim ?


Any report you may need to do with the plumbing & heating of your house we have extensive experience in claim lodgements and filling in the forms